1. INTEGRITY: We make every effort to treat all members, guests and staff with respect and integrity.
  2. TRANSPARENCY: We are transparent in all actions taken by the Board of Governors and openly communicate all policies and practices with our membership.
  3. QUALITY & SERVICE: We strive at all times to provide the utmost in quality and service.
  4. FAMILY FRIENDLY: All policies and practices enacted by the club take into account the entire family. We try to make the Cold Spring experience a true family experience.
  5. INCLUSIVE: We are at all times an inclusive club and try in all our endeavors to be inviting, warm and open.
  6. FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE: We are at all times fiscally responsible to our members and make certain to strike a balance between member satisfaction and economic responsibility.
  7. ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE: We understand the relationship between our club and the environment and think green.
  8. STEWARDS: In all of our actions we are cognizant that as members of Cold Spring Country Club we are merely custodians of the club from one generation to the next.


The mission of Cold Spring Country Club is to provide all members with a positive social experience in golf, tennis, dining, entertainment and special events.  The club will strive to maintain and build upon its reputation as a superior, family oriented and inclusive private country club, proud of its history and legacy but will always make every effort to improve and stay ahead of the curve. We will revisit our mission statement on a regular basis making sure we change positively with the times but also making certain that we adhere to our core values.